I was looking for a Scottish Gaelic lullaby and came across this:


No music, just a clear voice. Exactly what I was looking for. Sgoinneil!

Except that the title of the song is the opposite of a lullaby: "Cha Chaidil, Cha Chaidil" = 'No Sleep, No Sleep".


Oidhche mhath leibh!🌙

[De] Ich mag schottisches : man kann so glücklich sein, wie eine Maus in einem Brotlaib.

[En] I llike Scottish : you can be as happy as a mouse in a loaf.

Cho sona ri luch ann an lofa.

🐭 in 🍞 = 😂

I'm learning Scottish and oinline I use

- for learning the (in addition to the books I bought)

- as dictionary, general reference and sometimes for grammar learngaelic.net

- (slightly coughing 😊 ) Google as translation service translate.google.com/?sl=gd&tl

Question to all the learners and speakers: which online resources (dictionaries, courses, translation sites, reference, ... ) do you use or would you recommend?


I wish this would make it to my local cinema: Mermaids, seals and big ugly eels: the Gaelic fishing film that’s a feast for the ears


Iorram (Boat Song), the first cinema documentary entirely in Scots Gaelic, portraits the fishing community in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, past and present.