I have to admit that I use Google Translate a lot for checking my sentences in Gàidhlig. Now I found an alternative front-end for Google Translate, serving as a free and open source translator for a whole raft of languages. You can even host it yourself: Lingva

The official instance is

More information on this github site:

A friend saw a quiz show on German TV where they asked for the with the most words for . The answer was . I found this on the BBC website: Scots 'have 421 words' for snow
where they give the "Historical Thesaurus of Scots" as reference:
But when I open this link, I see only 8 entries for snow (3 of them being "snaw?!).

I know snow is out-of-season but this is really puzzling me.

I'm learning Scottish and oinline I use

- for learning the (in addition to the books I bought)

- as dictionary, general reference and sometimes for grammar learngaelic.net

- (slightly coughing 😊 ) Google as translation service translate.google.com/?sl=gd&tl

Question to all the learners and speakers: which online resources (dictionaries, courses, translation sites, reference, ... ) do you use or would you recommend?


Question to everyone out in the : please . If you follow someone who toots in more than one and you're not able to understand all of the languages, would you prefer them to

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