Pity! It's working not that bad in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. The bottle and can deposit scheme here is definitely helping to keep our area, especially our promenade, river and river banks a lot cleaner.

Scotland’s bottle and can deposit scheme set to be delayed again


🎶 Surprised to find out that they are a Scottish band 🎷

Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces

Youtube link:


[De] Falls du dich jemals gefragt hast, wohin du von deinem ohne Umsteigen mit dem hinfahren kannst (in ) - hier ist die Antwort.
Für Irland funktioniert es anscheinend leider nicht, aber z.B. für Inverness,

[En] If you've ever wondered where you can go by direct from your station without changing trains (in ) - here is the answer.
It doesn't seem to work for Ireland, but it does for e.g. ,


deaths in soar to record level: 1,339 people died in 2020.
Scotland continues to have Europe’s highest per capita rate of drug deaths, at 25.2 fatalities per 100,000 people, more than 3.5 times higher than the rest of the UK. People in the poorest areas were 18 times more likely to die from drugs than those in the wealthiest. had the highest rate of deaths, at 43.1 per 100,000 people in 2016-20, followed by at 39.8 & at 36.7.

The number of people who have died in after getting into difficulty in the water raised to 5 in 24 hours.this weekend.
On Saturday afternoon an 11-year-old boy was found dead in the river at Alexander Hamilton memorial park in Stonehouse, South and a woman. a child and a man died after getting into difficulty in . A 16-year-old boy died in the water at Balloch country park, at the southern point of Loch Lomond, on Friday.

Scottish climber Rick Allen has reportedly died in an on as he attempted to take a new route to the summit.
According to reports from the base camp in , the 68-year-old mountaineer from was caught in an avalanche on the mountain’s south-east face. His two partners were reportedly rescued without serious injuries.


"Walter Sedlmayr in " (1981)

[De] Gucke ich gerade. 40 Jahre alte Schottland-Reisedoku mit baierischem Kommentar - sehr schräg und teilweise kaum fassbar, dass das erst 40 Jahre her ist (die Bilder und seine Kommentare)

[En] Now watching: 40-year-old report by a Bavarian travelling through : Strange and in parts hard to believe that this was just 40 years ago (the scenes and his comments).

Winner of BrewDog’s ‘solid gold’ beer can finds prize is made largely of brass

Scottish brewery claims cans are worth £15,000 each, but gold traders say they are hollow and gold plated


[En] from was brewed with rare yeast
In 1895, the cargo ship Wallachia sank off the Cowal Peninsula in - loaded with bottles of beer. Genetic analysis of the beer shows that it was brewed with two very unusual yeast strains . Fresh beer brewed with these historic yeasts apparently tastes of coffee and chocolate.

A friend saw a quiz show on German TV where they asked for the with the most words for . The answer was . I found this on the BBC website: Scots 'have 421 words' for snow
where they give the "Historical Thesaurus of Scots" as reference:
But when I open this link, I see only 8 entries for snow (3 of them being "snaw?!).

I know snow is out-of-season but this is really puzzling me.

Englishman calls for a tax on property purchases in made south of the border to address social inequality:

"a small surcharge on sales prices would help communities purchase their own land ... in places like Aviemore & the Isle of Mull local folk can’t work because there is nowhere for them to live.They can’t buy because it has all become unaffordable & they can’t rent either because it has all been rented to folk coming up on holiday. It is deeply unfair."


[De] In der
"Weltreisen: Freiheit für ?" - Eine aktuelle Reportage aus den Borders, Glasgow, den Highlands, Aberdeen & Edinburgh darüber, warum so viele Schotten die wollen - und einige, vornehmlich ältere Reiche lieber nicht. Dagegen wird ausgerechnet der Brexit angeführt.

[En) A German TV documentary on why so many people in want and why some (mostly elderly rich people) don't.


Very first thing on the news of our public service radiostation here in Germany: SNP's 64 seat majority in Holyrood and the likely referendum in .🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 👍 Nothing on the elections in England or Wales ...

The owner & sole inhabitant of in the Inner lives -grid and is yet part of the action group Ocean Rebellion.
"The island is stunningly beautiful but extremely basic: no electricity, running water, shops, vehicles or medical help. Sandford grows as much food as he can; additional supplies come in by ferry. He washes his clothes in a bucket of cold water, and wears layers to protect against the wind that sweeps across the island."


[De] Ein kurzen Film, gedreht in den auf einer Wohnwagen-Reise in : schmalste Straßen, alte Autos & bärtige Männer auf einer Fähre. Ich meine, ein kurzer Blick vom Hafen in ist dabei. Erkennt ihr etwas wieder?

[En] A short film shot on a caravan holiday in in the : narrow single track roads, old cars & bearded men on a ferry. I think one shot is the view from the harbour in . Can you recognise something?


Boris Johnson: “If [the vaccine is] approved by the MHRA then we will have 60m doses of it by the end of this year for the whole of the British people. And so it’s a success for Scotland. Uh, it’s a success for, uh, Britain and, uh, it’s a success for Britain because it is a success for Scotland. It’s a success for Scotland because it’s a success for Britain."



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