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Das Europäische Parlament hat sich heute in einer historischen Abstimmung dem Kampf für ein Verbot #biometrischerMassenüberwachung angeschlossen. Hier die Stimmen der deutschen Abgeordneten zum Einsatz biometrischer Überwachungstechnologien im öffentlichen Raum:

Open Letter by FrauTux: letter for the English-speaking community, which you can use as a template if you write to someone in the English-speaking privacy community and want to "nudge" him/her towards Mastodon or the .

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Der Britische Premier sucht händeringend LKW-Fahrer


Mathematicians discover that new download patterns appear to closely resemble epidemic curves for infectious disease, study finds

Das wirklich wichtige wird immer günstiger 😉: "die Flasche ist im Verhältnis zum Einkommen der Bundesbürger billiger geworden. Im Schnitt kann man derzeit 25 Flaschenbiere mit dem Verdienst aus einer Arbeitsstunde bezahlen. 1990 etwa waren es 19 Flaschen Bier pro Arbeitsstunde."

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RT @scitechnature9
Russian photographer captured this magical moment......

Ales Stenar on a Sunday afternoon - Southern - close to Mankell's Ystad. Probably dating from Viking times, so a lot younger than the s in Britain.

[De] Ich habe mir nach 15 Jahren erstmals wieder eine zugelegt, eine . Ich merke allerdings, dass mich die diversen Einstellmöglichkeiten überfordern. Kennt jemand eine gute für diese oder ähnliche Lumix-Modelle im Internet?
[En] I bought a digital for the first time in 15 years, a Lumix TZ101. However, I notice that the various setting options overwhelm me. Does anyone know of a good for this or similar Lumix models on the internet?

[De] Notiz an mich selbst: vermeide die zwischen und an Wochenenden im Sommer.

[En] Mental note to myself: avoid the river Lahn between Wetzlar and Weilburg at the weekends in summer.

By chance I'm spending my 1st night ever on a so-called youth campsite tonight. No showers. The average age seems to be at least 43. Loud music from every 2nd group of tents - after midnight. Lots of tattoos. Everbody is very friendly, helpful, and generous. Not a bad choice so far 🙂

An of magnitude 7.1 has struck about 40 miles (63km) east of Pondaguitan in the , prompting a tsunami warning that was later cancelled.Damage and aftershocks were expected, according to CNN. The quake was at a depth of 65.6km, the United States Geological Survey said. The US National Weather Service said there was no risk of a tsunami for the US west coast. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said Hawaii also faced no tsunami threat.

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[En] At the same time with what's happening in Japan. 🍺 - Bronze, silver and gold 🎖️ for beer. Here are my candidates:

[De] Zeitgleich zu dem, was in Japan passiert. 🍺 - Bronze, SIlber und Gold 🎖️ für Bier. Hier meine Kandidaten:

🥉 3. Chimay bleue - Chimay 🇧🇪
🥈 2. Karmeliten Kloster Dunkel - Straubing 🇩🇪
🥇 1. Terror of Tobermory - Tobermory 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

grandmothers are high-value family members, say scientists. As with elephants and orcas, worldly wisdom & childcare brings group-survival perks, research suggests. Female giraffes continue to live long after their child-bearing lives,The trait used to be thought an oddity in nature, displayed only by humans, elephants & orcas who are known to go through the , with the latter spending about 35% of their life in a post-reproductive state.

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