#rC3 ist, wenn der Mitsänger Dir in der Not mit einem größeren #Jamulus-Server aushilft und dazu noch das root-Passwort gibt 😂 Danke, das war einfach großartig!

How cool is that? A selfhostable git server which can be accessed via ssh to browser via a TUI:


#git #server #TUI #selfhosted

maybe after all, we should be more like our machines

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I am a connoisseur of weird robot vacuum issues, because they all seem to get at least one thing slightly wrong, but this might be my favorite.

I discover this happened almost every morning.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/NathanBLawrence/st

I am working on my first #WebExtention for #firefox right now (I don't care about #chrome or #chromium). I will try to design it like the firefox #interface so it fits in seamlessly. For that a small tip: The interface of firefox is just a #css file, so you can use the #webtools and #inspector for further investigations: developer.mozilla.org/de/docs/ #floss #foss #opensource

I am looking for a #opensource #timetracker #android #app that supports different categories of #timetracking via a #widget on the #homescreen. I tried every app on #fdroid and not even "Track Work Time" and "Track & Graph" bring that functionality.

Hallo liebe Mastodon-Community!
Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) freut sich neben dem @bfdi als weitere Bundesbehörde nun auch auf Mastodon vertreten zu sein. Als Cyber-Sicherheitsbehörde des Bundes gestaltet das BSI die Informationssicherheit in der Digitalisierung für unsere Gesellschaft. Wir werden hier regelmäßig Tröts zu verschiedenen technischen Themen veröffentlichen und freuen uns auf den Austausch!

#BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

#Brexit rules #Britania

Ordered during #rC3, delivered March, 11 2021

Customs received it on February, 8 2021

I am ordering at #retroclinic for some years now and usually it was delivered within two weeks, sometimes in one week.

Anyway, retroclinic is one of the best places on this planet to get stuff for #retrocomputing Don't get me wrong!

Happy water droplet fun times this afternoon :) Natural light in front of a window, no flash, water bottle with two holes in filled with water and purple ink, balanced between two stacks of boxes over a glass dish of water filled to the brim with green ink and glitter in it. ^.^

ISO 5000-ish, F16, 1/1600s . Nikon Z6, Tamron f2.8 90mm, processed in Darktable. #Photography

Fotoaustellungen sind ja gerade schwierig, da ich aber gerade Lust hätte Bilder zu gucken, ein Vorschlag: Ihr schickt mir _ein_ Bild das _ihr_ aufgenommen habt und mögt und ich versuchen euch in einem Toot Länge konstruktive Kritik zu geben wo ich noch Potential sehe oder was mir sonst durch den Kopf geht. #photography #bilderschau

The digitallab local broadcast studio is manned again.

First Club Mate lemonades have been opened.

The media stream is already up and running to the master control room.

Next up is:

"Ramming Enclave Gates" by Jo Van Bulck and Fritz Ader. A security focused talk about the told to be secure parts of CPU instruction sets.

Tune in at 13:00:



So my Mate lemonade is almost up, as well as our streaming day. The last talk was incredibly good as well as the others before them.

We‘re back tomorrow at noon!

Nice talk! Currently watching "Spot the Surveillance" from Kurt Opsahl. Check it out when it's available later at media.ccc.de


#rc3 #surveillance

Next up: „Spot the Surveillance“ um 20:40 auf dem Channel aus dem Local Streaming Studio „Digitallabor“ in Dortmund.

Gibt's eigentlich einen #rc3 Schilder-Generator?
Wenn ja, wo?
Ich find ihn nicht :(

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