You: "What do you mean open source software reeks of elitism and toxicity?"

Arch Linux:

@spacekookie i wouldn't say that is elitism alone because it's, like, on purpose and for security reasons. it becomes elitism when arch users feel superior over ubuntu users and shit like that

@CobaltVelvet @spacekookie

As far as I get the vibes from this text it does blame the user for not being the Arch Linux expert that others are.
He could warn to use it, because one does not understand the basics behind the helper, which could favor security issues, and could encourage the Newbie to learn more about it or give Links to information itself.

But the author decides to enforce a wall that separates the elitists. It's lack of will to provide help and the top-down view on people.

@patrik @jalcine @CobaltVelvet I mean...elitism by Arch users towards anybody else (i.e. Ubuntu users) is definitely still a thing, let's not forget that 😬

It just doesn't magically stop when people use Arch.


@spacekookie @jalcine @CobaltVelvet

I totally agree! Personally I experienced both.

Getting rejected because the problem seems trivial and that one showed me the basics and explained the reasons for it as well.

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