- Infiltrate PhD-/Post doc science college day by the local research school as an undergraduate

- get to know interesting people

- have a chat about their awesome research fields

- negotiate to keep in contact, when suddenly have to leave

- forget to ask to either for their names or the names their working groups

That's me. Trying to do "networking".

Anyone interested in getting to know something about protein mutations in heart cells?


As far as I got it, it's a gene mutation that causes heart rhythm malfunctions in infants.

@patrik Interesting. Does it go away or cause more mess?


In most cases it is fatal for the young child (< 1y). Research is going on to tackle the mutation with medication in way that it can survive to a point in time where a heart transplantation can be successful or is available.

But I can hardly say more about that, because I did not get into further discussion and we lost contact after the conference because I failed to remember contact details of the chair or ask for hers especially...

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