Another firmware update smoothly done with and on my ThinkPad X220.

I am not sure if that's a good thing. There was always a nice touch to it whether it will work or screw up the machine.

Now the thrill is gone. It just works fine. Long live open source !

The only thing missing is proper integration into the software updaters of $Distribution.

We'll get to that stage, won't we,
@CyReVolt ?

@patrik With the prebuilt Skulls distribution of coreboot for the X230 and the growig trend of #LVFS, I am sure that we will get there, yes. :)
If someone has the time, they could set up #coreboot on openSUSE's hosted Open Build Service with a few common payloads (#SeaBIOS for legacy boot and probably #TianoCore for those who already set up #UEFI #boot). There is already U-Boot, EDK II, ARM Trusted #Firmware and more at where it would fit in.


I have to get to know Heads and Skulls first. No time at the moment :-/

LVFS is just working from X/T *60 onwards and I am not sure if there is a technical barrier to implement/use it for older devices.

@patrik I gues it is a matter of resources and willingness to support older devices.

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