So my Mate lemonade is almost up, as well as our streaming day. The last talk was incredibly good as well as the others before them.

We‘re back tomorrow at noon!

Next up: „Spot the Surveillance“ um 20:40 auf dem Channel aus dem Local Streaming Studio „Digitallabor“ in Dortmund.

It's ridiculous how fast one can output a short scientific comment*. Nicely formatted, citations snugly in place. All one need is a markdown flavor of ones liking, a bib(latex) file & Pandoc!

*Part of a data literacy exercise, w/ limited(!) literature & A4 format restriction!

First try together with @mycroft

Bochum public transport coverage. In blue: 5-min-isochrones for walking by feet to a bus or tram stop operated by BOGESTRA.

100 bus stops missing due to limitations of the OpenRouteService-API. Map based on leafletjs, @openstreetmap data and map backend.

Code written in in a notebook.


Erstmal den Talk von Zaolin in der Videopause nachschauen, weil gestern verpasst.

Opensource Firmware ftw! Ich müsste mehr Zeit finden, mich damit intensiver zu beschäftigen.


After the not so successful coreboot flash on my old X220 last weekend, I rebuild the Coreboot rom including Tianocore as UEFI payload.

Additionally I tested the setup in Qemu first, to validate that the EFI Shell starts the an actual efi bootmanager from a live ISO.

Hopefully I can flash it next week onto the X220 chip.

Fingers crossed...

Some casual gaming going on right now. Long time since I stayed at a friend's house.

Moody lighting is kindly provided by Pinky, a Pacman ghost.

I am currently investigating the bad internet connection in at my student dorm.

Therefore I started an endless Ping to several destinations, including house router and two VPSes.

Analysing the ping statistics I see huge losses inside the house network.

The router (cable, 10y/o) is responsible for the whole dorm (100 flats). My hypothesis is that the router hopelessly undersized for a) the local network b) outbound requests.
Do you have any suggestions for further investigation?

Inspired by setup, I tidied up my home working desk and felt twice as motivated to continue on finishing my report for a practical course than before.
Nonetheless I procrastinate by writing this toot 🤷‍♂️



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