FOSS boys: phew I finally got my emails working on my phone, it took me a week, involved a soldering iron, and I had to write a patch for a library

Also FOSS boys: people choose the convenience of Apple/Google/Microsoft because they're lazy and stupid, anybody can switch to Arch and PostmarketOS and self-host everything

@nerdosoph iPadOS? Da kann ich nicht mitreden. Aber iOS läuft erstmal normal weiter. Den App Launcher nutze ich bis dato nicht.

@nerdosoph ging mir eher mit iOS und watchOS so. iOS war in 3 Minuten geladen. watchOS braucht noch 15min

Zusammen mit mehr als 2200 Menschen haben wir heute in #Bochum gefordert, die Menschen aus dem abgebrannten Lager #Moria schnellstmöglich zu evakuieren. Sie müssen endlich eine menschenwürdige Unterkunft, medizinische Versorgung und ein faires Asylverfahren bekommen!
#BochumHatPlatz #WirHabenPlatz #LeaveNooneBehind #MoriaBrennt

@schnittchen mein Vorschlag war leicht ironisch genau mit den Pun auf Banksysteme und deren Entwickler.

Ich hab vorhin gelesen, dass T-Systems für die NINA Infrastruktur verantwortlich ist. Ob das was über den Stack verrät...

Oh wait, half the remaining labels are in German, oops. The one on the left is "dead end", the upper right one is "venueless foothills", the lower right one "Swamps of Sadness" (yes, the horse-killing ones).

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@israuor der Titel klingt stark nach Esoterik. Ein Read-Bait?


Actually I don't have a clue how the internals work.
Quite embarrassing indeed.

I would've thought that the compositor knows from which window a spawn of a new process comes and therefore could allocate it to the same workspace/window.


That kind of behavior bothered me as well. Most likely while starting up a couple of programs while switching workplaces.

Did you reach out to the SwayWM community on GitHub already? I guess they could come up with something.


Schwierig abzuschätzen.

Wenn's nicht anders möglich ist, kannst du's ja mal probieren. Prinzipiell sind die Stoffe schon oxidationsempfindlich.


Ungeöffnet, kühl und ohne Sonneneinstrahlung gelagert?

Was ist denn da noch so drin, was zerfallen oder oxidieren könnte?

It's ridiculous how fast one can output a short scientific comment*. Nicely formatted, citations snugly in place. All one need is a markdown flavor of ones liking, a bib(latex) file & Pandoc!

*Part of a data literacy exercise, w/ limited(!) literature & A4 format restriction!


It does not work for now. I get strange coredumps and I don't have time and cognitive capacity to fix this right now.

Broadcasting works though with obs and wlrobs. So potentially I could live stream stuff from wayland.

@schnittchen You can share xwayland windows but not wayland frames or desktops. That’s the way all web-rtc based tools work for me. If I want to screen share my remix session the simple way I have to attach to it via a non-wayland terminal.

I guess for some security reason single wayland windows are not allowed to access the whole desktop seat.

I have to ask the wlroots/swaywm community about that. I know that GNOME may be doing a bit better with screen share integration


Definitely, somewhat limited to CLI though. Which is one of my favourite UIs.

With remote-working I realized at how many points certain technologies aren't ready yet. Esp. in the Linux Universe. I can't screen share wayland-composed windows or desktops. Using Microphones from bluetooth headset is deprecated per default. And no one seems to bother besides me. :O

#Fediverse demographics #poll about age and sex/gender (please boost/repeat/share!)

note: women are usually overrepresented in polls like this.
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