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FOSS boys: phew I finally got my emails working on my phone, it took me a week, involved a soldering iron, and I had to write a patch for a library

Also FOSS boys: people choose the convenience of Apple/Google/Microsoft because they're lazy and stupid, anybody can switch to Arch and PostmarketOS and self-host everything

Zusammen mit mehr als 2200 Menschen haben wir heute in #Bochum gefordert, die Menschen aus dem abgebrannten Lager #Moria schnellstmöglich zu evakuieren. Sie müssen endlich eine menschenwürdige Unterkunft, medizinische Versorgung und ein faires Asylverfahren bekommen!
#BochumHatPlatz #WirHabenPlatz #LeaveNooneBehind #MoriaBrennt

Oh wait, half the remaining labels are in German, oops. The one on the left is "dead end", the upper right one is "venueless foothills", the lower right one "Swamps of Sadness" (yes, the horse-killing ones).

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It's ridiculous how fast one can output a short scientific comment*. Nicely formatted, citations snugly in place. All one need is a markdown flavor of ones liking, a bib(latex) file & Pandoc!

*Part of a data literacy exercise, w/ limited(!) literature & A4 format restriction!

#Fediverse demographics #poll about age and sex/gender (please boost/repeat/share!)

note: women are usually overrepresented in polls like this.

Das Bündnis "Radwende Bochum" trifft sich gerade mit knapp 25 Menschen in der und diskutiert die Planung für dieses Jahr.

Es geht um:

- Kidical Masses
- Demonstrationen mit dem Rad
- Weitere Vernetzung in Beteiligung an Aktionen in Bochum
- und wie die fahrradpolitischen Forderungen im Rahmen der kommenden Kommunalwahl kommuniziert und in die Öffentlichkeit getragen werden können.

Es wird bereits deutlich:

Ein spannendes Jahr liegt vor uns! Macht mit!

Ich suche Mitstreiter für ein Open Source Einsatzmanagement System für Hilfsorganisationen, Feuerwehren, etc. als Ersatz zu drkserver, hiorg server und Co.

Programmieren wollen würde ich das ganze in Rust + Rocket als webserver. Gerne RT.

Gibt es da draußen Designer*innen, die ein paar Signal-Sticker entwerfen könnten, auf denen Frauen dargestellt werden, oder generell feministische Motive? Auch sonst ist bei Diversität noch Luft nach oben.

I love to make small #generative Giveaways. Until now it's mostly stickers and sometimes small pen plots. This year I want to try new types. Which one would you like best?

Um 13 Uhr beginnt "System Transparency" bei uns auf der Bühne. Kommt vorbei! #36c3 #ChaosWest #CWStage

If you like a high quality cup of coffee check out at CCL Level +1! Volunteers donated beans and equipment is provided by the staff.

They are really awesome people and can tell you about the different techniques of extracting precious coffeine and flavours out of the beans.

There has been an issue with Windows Defender ransom ware protection and LibreOffice at least since 2016:

If you try to save and open files from at least a non-standard document folder, e.g. Desktop, Defender will block that particular process because it thinks something malicious is going on. The alert is not prompted directly, but silently hidden in notification center.

For a non-technical user this behavior is nontransparent, so they blame LibreOffice being faulty.

Well done, Microsoft.

First try together with @mycroft

Bochum public transport coverage. In blue: 5-min-isochrones for walking by feet to a bus or tram stop operated by BOGESTRA.

100 bus stops missing due to limitations of the OpenRouteService-API. Map based on leafletjs, @openstreetmap data and map backend.

Code written in in a notebook.


Einige Leute zeigen hier nicht ihr Gesicht. Warum?

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

Awesome work done by

Personal classification on another level. Despite general GDPR concerns, this hunger for data is sheer ridiculous.

Find likeminded friends on the basis of apps installed? Is that a thing now? That'll be one of the rather funny explainations.

Another firmware update smoothly done with and on my ThinkPad X220.

I am not sure if that's a good thing. There was always a nice touch to it whether it will work or screw up the machine.

Now the thrill is gone. It just works fine. Long live open source !

The only thing missing is proper integration into the software updaters of $Distribution.

We'll get to that stage, won't we,
@CyReVolt ?

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