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Paul Free (14 Ⓐ, ♥, europe) @paulfree14

I would like to make videos in a simliar style then this one:

Can anyone advice some libre software I could use?

I've been using kdenlive before, but couldn't figure out how to make effects simliar as in the linked video.

Any here?

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@paulfree14 Ive heard good things about# Natron, which is similar to After Effects. I also hear its possible to shoehorn #Blender into doining this type of work.

@davidpgil thx, I will check out natron.
blender sounds a bit heavy, but have never used it yet. Might be that there is some easy way to do it. will check

hmm, I'm just testing right now.
The templates are more for titles less usable for text combined with something like a diashow.
Are there somewhere templetes to download which will create simliar effects then within the linked video?

@paulfree14 I've only used it lightly but hoping to use it much more soon...

@paulfree14 I assume you're looking at the blur effects, text effects, and slide effects, or in other words: motion graphics.

Use a combination of Synfig and Kdenlive. Do all your fancy text effects & animation in Synfig, composite onto video in Kdenlive. The blur effects and slides should be possible in Kdenlive, you just need to use the animation tools.

Alternatively, it could all be done in Blender, but that's a whole new learning curve and, frankly, some poor render times.

@klaatu uuuh thx. now I have also the keywords I can search with :).
I will have a look into Synfig.
...but I'm wondering why that's not really possible directly within kdenlive. Thought that would be some very basic functions. ....but maybe it is. I will see what I find, now as I know the keywords :)

@paulfree14 I'm maybe a bit of a traditionalist. I don't like to do my animation in my video editor. I guess you could try to do your animations in Kdenlive, I'm just not convinced it'll be as dynamic and "alive" as what you can achieve in Synfig.

@klaatu @paulfree14

Never thought of using Synfig for animated titles! Nice!

Or, as someone already said, Blender. I've used it to make titles follow objects, using the object tracking functionality

Natron, AFAIK, is more like Nuke than After Effect...

@fabrixxm @paulfree14@social.tchncs.Natron's a great idea, too. I don't know how I failed to mention that one.

hi, @frd
I saw you're working with . :)
You might can help me out. I'm new to video editing, but would like to make videos in a simliar style like the one linked in the toot I'm replyn to.

Until now I couldn't find out how to make nice textanimation within kdenlive, if even possible.

@paulfree14 This channel has some cool text #tutorials:

If you want to work with more advanced text animation you should look into Blender and combine them in your workflow.