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Did you had a look into already.
Thought it could provide much ppl would like, especial cause of it's nomadic identity and it's abilitiy to read/write most federated standarts compined with a plugin system.

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@paulfree14 @Framasoft I know about this project yes, but I'm focused on diaspora* ;) Which doesn't mean someone else can't install an hubzilla node for framasoft.

@Framasoft @fla
(this conversation feels familiar, and I'm not shure if I asked you already)

I would be keen to know why/how it came you've choosed and not one of the others, but especially .

@paulfree14 @Framasoft well, it's quite simple, I'm a #diaspora contributor for 5 years, I met the framasoft guys before the launching of the de-googlify project and asked if they had an alternative to facebook. They said they didn't work on that part at the moment and offered me a server to install and play with it a bit. That's how framasphere was born. diaspora* is solid and showed it still runs smoothly with tens of thousands of users, so we decide to make it public, and I then joined frama.

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