There are several opinions weather it's great what Julien Assange is doing or shit.

But he just asked for a decentralized twitter 'alternative'.
I've told him about the fediverse, #ssb and such.

Would you like to see Julien Assange joining the fediverse?

boost: yes
fav: no

Many boosts could motivate him to join, as I will forward it to him.
Many favs, to better stay away.

@paulfree14 Do you know that it's not well designed as boosts propagate and favourites don't? Not symmetric, not fair.


@paulfree14 @josealberto4444
yeah I know. Wasn't me not wanting polls integrated in mastodon. gnusocial has it...
But thought it will still give an overview about the opinions, knowing that outcome is biased and that fav. need to wight more in this case.

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