Hm, finding myself (and others) pitching Mastodon to Julian Assange. This could get complicated.


@sandro I've asked ppl from mastodon what they would think about Julian Assange joining.
Many not to happy:

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@paulfree14 I understand and personally have very mixed feelings, but does that matter in the end? Would servers actually block the IP of any server he used and used by anyone who Boosted him?

@paulfree14 I sure hope the policing model remains each server police its own users, and shape the local community as they want. Between servers, however, it should be individuals can block the folks they don't like, and we can make communal advisory block-lists to make that easier. If Assange (or Trump, or whoever) sets up their own server, anyone who chooses to follow them ought to be able to do, IMNSHO, without being forced to switch servers from their home community.

@sandro @paulfree14 yes, admins would do that.

it's been done for so much less

@href @paulfree14 Do you know of a list of times? I've been tuned out some times, and only noticed it being threatened once, but never carrying through on. My server doesn't block any other servers.

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