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My favourite part of #FantasticFedi is its backbone community: the admins, moderators, Fedi software developers, and all contributors who take part in shaping this part of the web. One can meet all kinds of people here, but I believe the very nature of these networks attracts those who are curious, clever, creative, altruistic. There's a lot of rebellious spirit going around. At first it alienated me a bit, but I learned to cherish it and to learn from it.

"It is possible of course to get stuck in the 'mud' of life. It’s easy enough to notice mud all over you at times. The hardest thing to practice is not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by despair."

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I’m at it again! Uniting Church hall on King St Buderim today until 2:30. Come and say hello! Vote early to avoid the rush. Sorry: no democracy sausages today.

I have feelings about violence in media, and they have changed dramatically since I was a kid. Back then the only arguments I heard about it were from right-wing evangelicals, who opposed everything I believed in.

But I've come to understand media as part of what we consume, and see how it can water seeds in us. Fictional violence for entertainment stopped interesting me, and now I actively avoid it. There is more than enough real #violence to attend to.

Nerd talk, a bit NSFW wording 

I was always excited and happy that everything in Linux is a file, but I never even imagined that there is a software that treats you folder content as if it is file content. you can remove lines change lines and etc, and then as if it is a normal text file, just save it and it automagically apply all those modifications to the files in that folder!!


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I've created the group @philosophy

"Guppe groups look like regular users you can interact with using your existing account on any ActivityPub service, but they automatically share anything you send them with all of their followers."

1. Follow the group to join that group
2. Mention the group to share a post with everyone in the group
3. Visit the group profile to see the group history

#philosophy #philosophie

Attention! This is a friendly doom-scrolling checkpoint. Wait! You probably don’t need this on Mastodon…

I didn't exist for thousands of years before I was born, and I will no longer exist for thousands of years after I die. I'm simply here for a short moment of time, trying to live my life in the best way that I can.
(Inspired by numerous passages in Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations)

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Avant d’être naît, je n’ai pas existé pendant des milles d’ans avant je suis né, et je n’existai pas pour des milles d’ans après je mourrai. Je suis juste là pour un moment bref, essayant de vivre ma vie par le mieux façon que je peux.
(Inspiré par de nombreux passages de de

Hi, everyone!

I'm Danny. Gay :_gaysparkle: . Bear 🐻 . Games a lot 🎮 . Here to see what this place is about.

Some random things:
* Work as a full stack .NET developer.
* I am starting to have an addiction to retro gaming handhelds
* I've been collecting vinyl records for about half my life now
* I'm trying to get back into cooking


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