Dear #XMPP users on #macOS...

Would you like to have XMPP Presence support in Apple There is support for XMPP addresses in Addressbook, but it is not used in

Basically I would like to have a extension that brings in XMPP support (Presence/start chat from within and I was thinking if starting a crowdfound initiative for such an extension would be worth to start?

I like the idea in order to make XMPP more popular.
Thunderbird has it already. But what is missing there is . So maybe the first step would be to complete this and then to go towards other mail applications.

@phil_s Hmm, the purpose is not to have a full featured XMPP client in, just the ability to show presence status and start/use an existing/installed XMPP client to handle the actual chats

I wonder how much this will bring. is basically one thing that makes attractive. I cannot ask people to leave to do something not encrypted instead. Then there would be presence on a system some people use, but without really being able to use it.

@phil_s e2ee would be done by your favorite XMPP client. My proposal was to have the presence status shown inside of like it is for Outlook:


Ah... Now I get what you are proposing.
Might be a nice feature.

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