FOSS developer Christian Schabesberger is looking for programmers for his project to provide the federal German Corona warning app with an open source Bluetooth tracing SDK, so that owners of phones with Google-free operating systems like Lineage or /e/ can use the app too.

Please help Christian! Please help the privacy community!

This project is called CoraLibre:

@pixelcode The problem currently is, that the CWA Devs already declined to not add the Huawei API, even though it's implementing the standard. As long as they don't change theit mind this will be useless effort.

@bionade24 @pixelcode I'm pretty sure that's a question of money. The company got payed for implementing Google and Apple, so that's what they do.
And because it is open source it should be possible for CoraLibre to work just fine with the official CoronaWarn.

@mist @pixelcode You mean they can get a 100% identically API? I would have to read more about the Google API to make a statement about this possibility. But can they really fake Google's java package namespace (or how this is called) ? I'm not sure about that.

@bionade24 @pixelcode Well, to fake the API names is possible, but hard (see MicroG, needs spoofing support in the OS), but isn't needed. When deploying your own fork of CWA you can switch the names automatically. What is needed is, that the API on the Bluetooth Interface stays the same, but this is specified by Google and Apple, Huawei reimplemented it, so why can't the open source community reimplemented it as well?

@nipos I've got an un-Googled phone myself and I really want to use this app — maybe I can help stopping this terrible and annoying virus. The app doesn't track you. Check the source code. It does not access your location data and does not store any personal details. And if you are infected, it's up to you whether you share this information with the app or not. By the way: It's contact tracing, not tracking.

@nipos The app does NOT store or submit your location and it's decentralized. Besides it probably won't be very effective, I don't see any reason not to use it (at least the Google-free version if it's ever released).

@pixelcode I think it would be useful if the repository had a somewhat current README, indicating overall progress and current things "to do".

What? German government paid 20 Million Euro for developing thus app and now we shall spend our sparetime and fix it for free? No way!

(Esp. given that the app is accustoming people to permanent survilance by carrying a tracking device.)

@kirschwipfel Die Entwickler haben eindeutig gesagt, dass sie Google-freie Smartphones explizit nicht unterstützen wollen...

Außerdem ist es pseudonymes dezentrales Tracing, nicht Tracking. Jeder kann sich dafür oder dagegen entscheiden, und selbst wenn man die App nutzt, hat man die freie Wahl, ob man ein etwaiges positives Testergebnis mit der App teilt oder nicht. V.a. weil die Daten nicht zentral erfasst werden, geht von der App selbst keine "Bedrohung" aus.

>… nicht unterstützen wollen
Ja und? Die Steuerzahler.innen zahlen 20 Mio, da können eir auch erwarten, dass sie implementieren, was nötig ist, um die Privatsphäre zu schützen. Offensichtlich hat Minister Span das nicht in die Anforderungen geschrieben.

Es kommt ja noch dazu, dass man *zwingend* den Datenschutzbestimmungen von Google zustimmen muss, wenn man deren Play Services installieren will - die man wegen "nicht wollen" zwingend braucht, um die App zu nutzen.

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