FOSS developer Christian Schabesberger is looking for programmers for his project to provide the federal German Corona warning app with an open source Bluetooth tracing SDK, so that owners of phones with Google-free operating systems like Lineage or /e/ can use the app too.

Please help Christian! Please help the privacy community!

This project is called CoraLibre:

@nipos I've got an un-Googled phone myself and I really want to use this app — maybe I can help stopping this terrible and annoying virus. The app doesn't track you. Check the source code. It does not access your location data and does not store any personal details. And if you are infected, it's up to you whether you share this information with the app or not. By the way: It's contact tracing, not tracking.


@nipos The app does NOT store or submit your location and it's decentralized. Besides it probably won't be very effective, I don't see any reason not to use it (at least the Google-free version if it's ever released).

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