I've just tried out the latest version of @inkscape and I'm stunned! So clean, modern and just fantastic! 👍

The dark mode is great and I like the pre-start screen very much where you can choose your document's size based on templates like DIN-A4, 4K or program icons. There are also templates for social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

What about adding Mastodon headers to the templates? 😉

Also, @inkscape is the program I've designed the logos, icons etc. of all my software projects with! ❤️

@pixelcode @inkscape I like the latest release a lot! ❤️

Although compared to previous versions it still feels a little clunky when dealing with more complex graphics, especially when importing bitmaps (to vectorize them etc.)... kinda like missing hardware acceleration or something.

@datensalat @pixelcode

Inkscape doesn't feature any hardware acceleration yet - and sadly, we've noticed a slowdown with specific operations, too.

However, it's difficult to pinpoint the causes - we're looking for help with performance analysis!

@pixelcode If you know their sizes (and they don't differ between instances), don't hesitate to make a merge request.

It should just be a case of 'edit this text file here':

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