Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my pleasure to announce the new ethical

⚖️ 🕊️ 🏳️ 🇺🇳 🆓 ©️

It's optimized for Free Software and disallows unethical conduct such as:
- human rights violations
- war crimes
- privacy intrusion
- deforestation
- extensive contribution to climate change
- producing weapons of mass destruction

It's partly based on the Hippocratic and the Do No Harm Licence.

Learn more: 🔗


Some conditions of the licence:

The Licensee is allowed to:
✅ re-distribute, modify and use the original work gratis
✅ commercialise and patent an extensive product which also contains the adaptation
✅ use a custom licence for an extensive product which also contains the adaptation

Some conditions of the licence:

The Licensee is obliged to:
🔹 credit the original author
🔹 maintain the exact same licence for the adaptation
🔹 document changes to the original
🔹 make the adaptation distinguishable from the original
🔹 always comply with ethical principles
🔹 check the original work for defects before interaction
🔹 preserve the user’s dignity, privacy and data security

Some conditions of the licence:

The Licensee is not allowed to:
🚫 commercialise or patent the original or an adaptation as a stand-aloneproduct
🚫 behave in unethical ways

Some conditions of the licence:

• the Licence does not provide any warranty, liability etc.
• rights once granted cannot be withdrawn
• the Licence may be amended/withdrawn
• all Licence amendments must be stated transparently
• violations of the terms and conditions result in the loss of the rights
• the Licensor may make exceptions for logos etc. and the name of thework
• software works have to be offered entirely, free of charge, non-obfuscated and in a common form

Do you have any feedback, recommendations, remarks, additions etc. for the licence? Feel free to open a new issue at : 🔗

Feel free to use the licence for your own projects! All you have to do is copy the full licence text to your repository. You can also use the logo and the banners to state that you're using it.

And if you don't like specific parts of the licence you may just change them to your liking. But then be sure to use another name and other logos etc. to avoid any confusion 😉

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