In the period around , numerous so-called “Easter marches” take place – ostensibly “for ”. In reality, the are held against the resistance and its support – not, however, against the invasion, but at best against in general. Also, the “demilitarisation” of and its “neutralisation” are demanded.



Also, the display of symbols in support of was explicitly allowed, but criticism of was forbidden, e.g. he may not be called “aggressor”. Moreover, organisations were disinvited. One organiser also said that it was not russia that started the war, but , by ignoring “security concerns” 10 to 15 years ago.



Such parades supporting the aims and against are to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Those who, despite the images from and all the other scenes of and mass killings, portray the war in as “bad for both sides” or call for Ukraine’s surrender cannot really be interested in . Because peace without is no peace – already knew that.


@pixelcode pro fascism rallies in #germany, thought that's a thing from the past. 🤨

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