Apparently, the 🇩🇪 company discriminates against Jews by firing them for criticizing their No-Jewish-holidays policy. I am highly incensed that such cases do not only occur in the environment of Silicon Valley giants, but also among the supposedly more ethical, open-source competition. Fortunately, I haven't had anything to do with SUSE so far – which will certainly remain the case after this.

Lunduke content 

@aral @pixelcode I don't like Lunduke much, but if even half of what he wrote is true then it reflects extremely badly on SUSE.

@pixelcode I find it hard to believe that dipshit Lunduke gives a fuck about discrimination

@michaelangelo @pixelcode The word dipshit implies there is more to this story.

@michaelangelo @pixelcode Pfff, at least I now understand the dipshit part.

@pixelcode and here I was, thinking of maybe continuing my distro-hopping with them.
fat chance of that now.

@pixelcode Damn, if this is true, then it is indeed a huge WTF moment in the history of GNU/Linux, and SUSE management needs to be more than accountable for their actions and resign.

No, that doesn't mean we should cancel SUSE and openSUSE. What SUSE needs is new management, cancel culture won't do any good to the free software community.

@pixelcode I believe that Brian Lunduke is not the easiest personality that has a strange view on certain things but this needs to be responded properly!

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