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In light of #GiveUpGitHub and transitioning projects to #Codeberg and other #Gitea instances there've been issues with #accessibility, like with the #Captcha's for instance.

While #a11y can seem nice-to-have for able-bodied people, they are crucial for those with disabilities. Accessibility is a human right.

We've been spreading word to notify people to help you and contribute improvements. But to make this efficient you should actively guide this and "Just PR" isn't enough.

@humanetech @codeberg @gitea The accessibility issues with Codeberg are not technical - it's one of attitude. No pull request can fix that.

Codeberg needs to take responsibility for their own #a11y and stop it with the passive-aggressive "contributions welcome!" "send a PR!".

This isn't a Feature Request. It's a Human Right.

You have chosen to provide a service - you must provide it equally to all.

If you actually need technical help, ask. Read! Join in the discussions about a solution.


@dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea Honestly, I find that a bit unfair. Codeberg is a small non·profit organisation managed by a couple people in their free time, and they're facing spam. How do you expect them to get rid of it? Integrating one of those invisible reCAPTCHAs? 🤡 What's wrong about just asking the staff via e-mail to set up an account for you?

Also, it's not your “human right” to use someone else's services. We should be thankful that Codeberg exists in the first place.

@onepict @pixelcode @humanetech @codeberg @gitea "take appropriate measures to ensure to persons with disabilities access, on an equal basis with others, ... to information and communications, including information and communications technologies and systems"


On an equal basis.

A CAPTCHA that isn't accessible, and requires an extra manual step isn't "access on an equal basis".

@dentangle @onepict @humanetech @codeberg @gitea That is a nice quote. Except it's incomplete. It literally says “States Parties shall take appropriate measures”, not “websites are forbidden to use captchas”.

@onepict @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea You do not seem to understand what the CRPD is. It is a convention between states, not a national law.

@fsologureng @onepict @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea No, that's not correct, at least not as a general rule. You are talking about self-executing treaties, such as the European Convention on Human Rights. The CRPD, on the other hand, says:

“States Parties undertake to adopt all appropriate legislative, administrative and other measures for the implementation of the rights recognized in the present Convention.”

Thus, the CRP is a non-self-executing treaty.

@fsologureng @onepict @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea That means the CRPD is a contract that forces the parties to pass appropriate laws, but it is not a law itself.

@pixelcode @onepict @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea No. The phrase about "adopting appropriate laws" and the other part of that phrase ("administrative and other measures") is for securing the exercise of those rights, not for enable the treaty.
The (apparent) fact that a state is not enforcing internet services to implement #a11y only shows that that state is not respecting the treaty, because human rights violations are always committed by an agent of the state, not by mere citizens.

@pixelcode @onepict @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea Human right violation occurs when a state can't guarantee the exercise of a right by action or omission, because victims of that violation are not defended by that state.
Ultimately, if internet services won't implement #a11y they will be part of a human right violation, maybe not punishable, but can they speak about ethical behavior if the only excuse is that is not punishable?

@pixelcode @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea this feels exactly like what they're talking about, an issue of attitude not technology

If the attitude is "hey, they do need some way to cut down on spam, what are some more accessible solutions for that? It may take them a while to implement because they're a small team but they're actively working on it" people wouldn't be as bothered.

When it's "why don't disabled people just jump through extra hoops other users don't have to deal with, how entitled of THEM to expect them to make their software accessible"...a lot less so

@pixelcode @dentangle @humanetech @codeberg @gitea

Implementing privacy respecting captcha's would be fine, don't you think?

captcheck.netsyms.com/ an open source solution though

@alohae @pixelcode @humanetech @codeberg @gitea Sure. There are *loads* of technical solutions, but first Codeberg needs to commit to fixing this.

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