Offenbar interpretiert die redaktionsinterne -Software den ersten Doppelpunkt in einer Meldung als Trennzeichen zwischen Untertitel und Haupttitel. Hat nur noch nicht jeder Redakteur gemerkt.

Got banned from rooms after I had left them without ever having posted anything there.

Apparently, during a video conference, 's mayor Franziska did not speak with the real Vitali , mayor of , but with a .

Senate Chancellery Berlin: “It is suspected that the person spoken to was not Vitali Klitschko. A conversation with Ambassador Andriy has now confirmed this.”

🔗 🇩🇪

The 🇺🇦 Ukrainian territory currently occupied by 🇷🇺 is of the same size as:

- 🇺🇸 Pennsylvania
- Austria and Switzerland combined
- Slovakia and Czechia combined
- Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia combined


: TUI BY709 flying from Dalaman DLM to Manchester MAN has an (indicated by its transponder code 7700) and needs to land in Frankfurt FRA!

What is this DeHavilland Canada Dash 8-400 MR of the civil defence doing over ?

Instead of flying to its destination, Nimes FNI, it has returned to Bastia BIA where it had departed from. Maybe it has some kind of or technical issue? Its call sign is .

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