The 🇮🇹 Italian and the 🇺🇸 seem to have taken Ascension literally. At least they're very active in airspace at the moment.

: “Does it make sense to maintain contact with ?”

Kaja Kallas, 🇪🇪 PM:

“For me, the crucial question is whether these talks produced results. Did he de-escalate the situation afterwards? I can't see that he did. In truth, we have seen that even after these talks, horrendous crimes have been committed in . [...] He is a war criminal. Why should anyone talk to him?”

🇩🇪 💲

What is going on in the ? After the 🇺🇸 drone circled there again recently, a 🇬🇧 RC-135W Rivet Joint is now making its rounds.

Contrary to what assumed, the and NATO are more united than ever – as shown by recent comments on 🇫🇮 's decision to apply for membership.

“great news for Europe’s security” – 🇵🇱 PM

“we will of course support it” – 🇨🇿 PM

“You can count on our full support.” – 🇪🇪 PM

“We will of course welcome 🇫🇮 wholeheartedly.” – 🇩🇰 PM

“Together we are stronger!” – 🇷🇴 president

“towards an even stronger Alliance” – 🇱🇻 PM

“I assured full support” – 🇩🇪 chancellor

Current presence over :

1x 🇺🇸 air refuelling plane
1x 🇺🇸 drone
1x 🇺🇸 helicopter
1x 🇳🇱 E-3A Sentry
2x 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 aerial reconnaissance aircrafts

For some reason, there's a 🇧🇪 flying over 🇱🇻 , which departed from and seems to be heading for . Maybe they're evacuating diplomats? 🧐

Also, the display of symbols in support of was explicitly allowed, but criticism of was forbidden, e.g. he may not be called “aggressor”. Moreover, organisations were disinvited. One organiser also said that it was not russia that started the war, but , by ignoring “security concerns” 10 to 15 years ago.



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Have you ever seen an ? It stands for “Airborne Warning and Control System” and is basically a flying for early warning.

This in particular is a E-3A of , flying at ca. 32,000 ft and 320 kts. Its flight path seems to suggest “infinite protection” :blobcatgiggle:

Today's activity over 🇷🇴 : 3 Stratotankers, 1 Hercules, 1 Learjet.

Also, at the coast there's 1 Schiebel Camcopter whose operator is unknown. It could potentially be the US or the Romanian Border Police.


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