How many malls must the bombers attack before they are shot from the sky?

Yes ’n’ how many countries must invade before he rests inside a box?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind; the answer is blowing in the wind.

“Sorry, I’m from , can you please repeat the ‘how bad things are getting’ and that ‘17 degrees’ part. If needed, we can send some blankets.”

— Oleksiy Sorokin,

is withdrawing from – as a gesture of “good will”. Let's keep supplying with heavy weapons so the will of the troops may become even better!

A missile has struck a shopping centre in with about a thousand people inside. This is yet another truly horrific atrocity committed by the fascist troops which demonstrates once again that there is no ethical alternative to the immediate supply of heavy weapons and air defence systems to the Resistance.

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“Frankly the position that all russians are bad is incredibly reductive and an insult to the journalists and activists who have been targeted by the russian government and those who have had to flee the country for reporting the truth about the conflict.”

– Eliot Higgins,

“The people of Lithuania have honorably raised funds to buy a TB2 for . Upon learning this, will gift a Bayraktar TB2 to free of charge and asks those funds go to Ukraine for humanitarian aid.”

The 🇺🇦 Ukrainian territory currently occupied by 🇷🇺 is of the same size as:

- 🇺🇸 Pennsylvania
- Austria and Switzerland combined
- Slovakia and Czechia combined
- Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia combined


“A classified report says putin seems to have re-emerged after undergoing treatment in April for advanced cancer, three US intelligence leaders who have read the reports say.”


putin is no better than a pathetic suicide bomber who wants to take everyone else down with him. Apparently, there has already been a second Stauffenberg who unfortunately has failed too. We will only be able to live in when has fallen!

Whenever someone argues that we shouldn't support the Resistance “because they have no chance anyway”, tell them this:

1. 🇷🇺 severely lacks high-quality precision munition; they were unable to destroy a bridge in a single strike and needed multiple rounds to even cause any damage at all.

2. Not even 40% of 🇷🇺 missiles hit their targets, and if they do, only few follow-up assaults are carried out.

3. 🇷🇺 never had air superiority.

“We're used to seeing 's invasion on a map, but this is what it looks like on the ground, what geographers would call flat Eurasian Steppe. The biggest natural impediments are trees, grass – and tractors.”

To this end, we, the , have a duty to immediately deliver heavy weapons to the resistance, especially much-needed artillery and self-propelled howitzers, but also combat aircraft, ballistic rockets and long-range cruise missiles to destroy military targets already on soil, even before they can wreak havoc. There cannot be without !


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Despite countless attempts to talk, the inhumane troops are committing the most atrocious crimes, which can only be stopped by enabling not only to push back the invading troops in the short term, but to permanently halt 's war of annihilation through targeted counterstrikes against russian military logistics.


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Many self-proclaimed “peace activists” are demanding the unconditional surrender of the resistance in favour of a russian dictatorial . They fail to understand, however, that a military victory would not alleviate the Ukrainians’ suffering in the slightest, because ’s goal is evidently the annihilation of the Ukrainian people and culture.


: “Does it make sense to maintain contact with ?”

Kaja Kallas, 🇪🇪 PM:

“For me, the crucial question is whether these talks produced results. Did he de-escalate the situation afterwards? I can't see that he did. In truth, we have seen that even after these talks, horrendous crimes have been committed in . [...] He is a war criminal. Why should anyone talk to him?”

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The fact that received an average of over 11 points in the public vote shows that still has decency.

: “vladimir also studied at the same faculty, only a little earlier than you. Did you ever meet him?”

Lyudmyla Denisova, Ombudsman for in 🇺🇦 :

“Not consciously. He was a person without qualities, someone who made no impression at all. I only knew him because the competition at the law school was very tough. putin didn't have to face this competition, he got into the university through a sports quota.”

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