@kubikpixel Was ist an Iconsammlungen schlimm? (Und was hat es immer mit diesem „ohchai“ auf sich? 😅)

@twann Animals do deserve better further protection, but since they're not endowed with reason, they're not eligible for legal rights.

@vandi @oliver „Wer unter euch ohne Rotlichtverstoß ist, tweete den ersten Mordaufruf.“

@heilrath Wäre aber viel gerechter, wenn sinnlos Steuergelder verpulvert würden. 🤷

@tic @jedie @tetrapyloctomist @kuketzblog Psst: Im 45°-Winkel vom Rand hineinwischen oder den Rand lang gedrückt halten funktioniert trotz Gestennavigation 😉

why Russians must leave before there could be peace 

More medieval violence from Russians.

Occupied territories are not "just" "controlled" by another state. They are under a whole different reality, one of terror, torture, hate, rape and uncontrolled barbaric violence.

One does not make peace talks with gangs and terrorist groups. This is neither what they understand nor will abide by.


developers, do you like resolving binding on paper?

It is quite disappointing that -Definition-compliance radicals' ability to tolerate different opinions is just as limited as that of extremists who claim terms of service and anti-hate-speech law “censorship”.

Basically, those people will counter any attempt of discussing with an off-topic or strawman reply, followed by an instant block, or with insults straight away.

Some even keep opening issues demanding projects they dislike to be deleted.

Former Ukraine prison detainees doubt Russia’s deadly blast story

Aid workers released from Olenivka say the building where 53 soldiers died was separate from where captives are held

#russia #ukraine #WWIII #news #war


@downey It's not what you explicitly said; it's what your statement can be interpreted as when replacing the term “our enemies” with “fascists”, as an example.

I just assumed that fascists are, in fact, “our enemies” (correct me if I'm wrong).

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