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#librehosters weekend gathering underway, so far very relaxed and good conversations and connections.

Today we will have a general voip assembly at 16:30/17:00 Amsterdam time and we also hope to post outcomes from our discussions throughout the day.

So far it seems 12 collectives and hosting groups are joining today at

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Bon ben c'est mon tour :) #JeChercheUnJob

Je suis:
- dev FOSS fullstack (venant du backend)
- python depuis 2008 (mais je m'adapte),+15.000 commits sur github, django avant la 1.0
- bonne base d'adminsys
- orienté résultat, pragmatique, autonome
- bosse seul comme en équipe

Je cherche
- plutôt des missions courtes
- télétravail ou sur Bruxelles
- CDI/CDD en mi-temps / 3-5 ème (plutôt remote)
- prêt à discuter si vous avez d'autres propositions :)
- bonus si FOSS

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my very own electromechanical stepper/relay #telephone switch

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Ethics for design

Documentaire de Gauthier Roussilhe

12 designers et chercheurs, venant de 8 villes européennes, discutent ensemble de l’impact, parfois néfaste, du design sur nos sociétés et des chemins à emprunter pour que le designer travaille pour le bien de tous.

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Don't copy that floppy
Don't archive that hard drive
Don't make a dash with that flash
Don't scrape that paper tape
Don't let anyone see that DVD
Don't write an epistle about that holographic crystal
Don't retrain that artificial brain
Don't duplicate that quantum state
Don't retool that psychic mindspool
Don't clone that stone

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The #Techno #Galactic #Guide to #Software #Observation A Streaming Book Launch September 7., 6-8.30pm (CEST) Join us online or at the World Trade Center, Brussels

“The Techno-Galactic Guide to Software Observation is the obsessive fantasy of optimization turned on its head and stuck to the ceiling of a self-reflecting elevator. It is the ultimate book, with almost 300 pages of dos and don’ts, of forgotten #histories and un-inevitable #futures, of mindful agile actions and improvisational service architectures, of any and all things that you can and cannot imagine needing in a techno-galaxy.”

photos by michaela lakova, via

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**Egypte legt kunstenaars het zwijgen op**

"De Egyptische autoriteiten hebben in de afgelopen maanden minstens twaalf kunstenaars gearresteerd. Ze willen daarmee kritiek op de regering via tv, film, in theater en literatuur tegengaan, zegt mensenrechtenorganisatie Human Rights Watch (HRW)."


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Happy Birthday, Debian. 🎂 🎉 🎈
25 years old.

Ian Murdock announced #Debian on August 16th 1993. The first release, 0.01, was made the next month, on September 15th.

Congratulations & thanks to the Debian volunteers, past and present, for making it such a fantastic distro. Here's to the next 25 years.

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ptr_here boosted #hackmeeting #transhackmeeting #hackers #hacking #anarchism #hacktivism glad to see real hacker conferences(not infosec) popping up again around the world were skills is nothing with out heart and rebel hungry to change things around them, not just change tech. a hacker is a hacker in every environment not just in a room

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Quote of today, "hacklabs are the dung beetles of the IT-Sector"


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Thanks everyone at #tbd and #adm for making this amazing event possible!
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and again a night of chasing vacuum leaks (epoxy infusion of the rudder the techo-tsukumogami sailboat)

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