@spla @purelinux I would say in Apple you need skills... if you try to perform advanced things. And in Linux you don't need much skills if you want to do basic things.

@marcelcosta when you open the console you have almost the same power in your hands in Linux than in MacOS.
But the other way around is also true: nowadays you can use Linux without using the console at all so any skills needed. Same goes for MacOS, of course.


@purelinux i will contend with this and say you need patience, more than skill, for Linux. People have mostly grown up with Windows, and therefore think that Windows is how all computers work; how all computers should be; and that all computers can do are what Windows does.

Breaking free of that mentality makes using Linux a lot easier. But it takes time and effort to do so. That's long before any real skill can be developed.

@purelinux It was probably true years ago. Now, Ubuntu-based OS are more user-friendly than Windows!

@purelinux When have people stopped using operating systems and operating systems have started using people?
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