Dear fediverse,

I would like to know how many E-Mail addresses you have and for which purpose are you using them?

Please vote and explain further in comments.

E. g.
1. for private communication
2. for work communication
3. for banking
4. for spam etc.

If you are interested in this topic, a boost is welcome.

Thank you :mastolove:

P.S: I'm asking because I want to move to a privacy focused E-Mail provider, but I'm undecided how many addresses I could need.

Dear people who have voted and vote in future:

Please tell me for which causes/purposes you use your addresses!

That would be even more helpful than sole numbers :mastowink:

@RAPXT For each online account one specific mail account.

@r3tr0 Good practice, but requires a lot of work if you do it manually.

Or do you use software like AnonAddy or SimpleLogin for that?


@RAPXT mostly manual, but i try to keep my account number low for obvious reasons :mastoinnocent:

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