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Microsoft Teams has been storing authentication tokens in plaintext | Microsoft downplayed the flaw saying it 'does not meet our bar for immediate servicing.' : r/technology

Told a lazy know-it-all colleague today - who came complaining even though he hadn't read the manual - to bark up some other tree.

Didn't make me feel any better.

'The King never dies' is one of the central principles of the UK constitution.

Vergabekammer Baden-Württemberg, Beschluss vom 13.07.2022, Az. 1 VK 23/22 | REWIS RS 2022, 3436

IR theory in a newspaper - a nice read! The headline is misleading. The URL fits.

Ukraine-Krieg | Haben die „Lumpenpazifisten“ bald Oberwasser?

Don't trust big tech. Trust your own tech based on foss.

Again. Again. And again:

Amazon Admits Giving Ring Camera Footage To Police Without a Warrant or Consent

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@Minetest as someone who was practically raised on dedicated servers, it’s been galling to see such a simple concept discarded in the name of analytics. Unfortunately, those of us who were told we were overreacting when we warned centralized hosting would lead to centralized social control are currently doing that bit from Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum hates it when he’s right, only less charismatically 🥲

Oh my. What a day. I seem to agree with Bill.

Bill Gates: NFT-Markt basiert zu 100 Prozent auf dem Prinzip des größeren Deppen

F.C.Mayer on the catastrophic decision of the EU on June 1st regarding Poland.

... geht es letztlich auch bei der Durchsetzung der Rechtsstaatsanforderungen an die Mitgliedstaaten um eine Richtungsentscheidung zwischen zwei Welten – Putins Welt einerseits und das zivilisierte Europa der Integration, in dem Interessensgegensätze und Konflikte rechtlich eingehegt sind, andererseits.

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The battle for sovereignty is not lost. It is not fought. Politicians do not care because the public does not see any gains.

Studie: Digitalisierung führt zu zunehmender Abhängigkeit der Deutschen und der Europäer — Universität Bonn

Mastoculture will change with all the tweeters joining. And tooters cannot argue Mastoboat is full :mastolaughing:

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