The battle for sovereignty is not lost. It is not fought. Politicians do not care because the public does not see any gains.

Studie: Digitalisierung führt zu zunehmender Abhängigkeit der Deutschen und der Europäer — Universität Bonn

Mastoculture will change with all the tweeters joining. And tooters cannot argue Mastoboat is full :mastolaughing:

Max Schrems on Video (in German):

Download of PDF slides seems broken. Well. They call the Internet "Neuland" (virgin land) in Germany.

See for more of Max.

Minimax and political action for future generations, more radical than many other German NGOs:

a small number can move a lot (by stopping the movement of a lot of others 😇)

Forderungen - Aufstand der letzten Generation 🌾

"DROG counters sociological online harm globally."



Embeds Google-Apis, Google-Analytics, Google-Tagmanager, Webserver is hosted by DigitalOcean.

GDPR goes boing.

The makers of have just created some bad news.

"Solange es Daten gibt, auf die die Behörden grundsätzlich zugreifen können, lassen sich unerlaubte Abfragen und Missbrauch der Daten daher nicht ausschließen." (Kelber)

Wise guy.

The usual [cannot put animal here because of context] at the trough etc etc problem.

Does not name cookies or other concrete tracking tech - which is good imho.

Is focused on advertisements and might therefore leave large loopholes for other commercial interests e.g. for data mining. It is not the end of privacy infringements.

Might kill some newspapers.

Want to know about the state of human rights and their protection in "the West"? Ideas like the rule of law? The need for search warrants and judges and such?

What if interference with basic standards is already part of the law?

> NO Freeman shall be [...] disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties [...]

Well. It says "freeman" in the Magna Carta.

Political activist? Encrypt your drives; use Linux ... even better: Trisquel

Zentrum für politische Schönheit: Mit dem Phishing-Paragrafen gegen Aktionskunst

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