I thought that this file name ending with apk is an installable apk file. Turns out it's a zip file.
Do I really need to compile stuff now?
Is there an apk available somewhere?

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Why is it just Linux on the Guix website and not GNU Linux?

Literally no one at times on the Delhi Metro platform. It used to be one of the busiest at times before lockdown.

Quassel IRC Client has an option Emacs style keybindings in the input field.

The Riot/Element Desktop app has a new IRC style appearance setting.

Try it out, it looks awesome

The ultra wide monitor I ordered got delivered today. Looks like the best viewing mode for Mastodon are ultra wide monitors.

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@cosmologist_10@twitter.com talking about Apache Cassandra ,invariably we start with NoSQL vs SQL debate

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Remember this tweet and thread before entering a Chaayos outlet.

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@Chaayos@twitter.com Going through @chaayos@twitter.com terms and condition. This line, among so many others, stood out. This could be a on a t-shirt.

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Using Apache and finding it boring?

Find the beauty in the architecture of cassandra with @cosmologist_10@twitter.com at our next meetup @SFLCin@twitter.com or you can just follow the sticker bait by her :P

Schedule is up on our page!

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I again became part of a today.

I present to you an off topic meme from Indian Linux Users Group .

For the love of Venn diagrams and the timeless masterpiece Casio F-91W

Todd Weaver speaking remotely for the keynote on the 2nd day of Debutsav at Kochi, Kerala

Heading to the airport. Enroute to God's own country for the first time. . Join us tomorrow for debutsav.in

I am presenting a talk today at the meetup of Indian Linux User's Group Delhi on "How decentralized communications and infrastructure work?"



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