Flying by... *looks* ..flies on :)

@highfellow Howdy! Flying by again. Looking at getting a new phone, you advocated some ethical phone, didn't you? Got any details? :) I need something compact yet more powerful than my current Sony Z5 Compact... Hope you're good!

@ralpharama Hi ralph, good to see you here again. It might have been this one . This is also interesting if you want a device with a real keyboard. . I am feeling a bit more hopeful about things at the moment. It would be good to see more of you here if you want to stay. There are people writing micro stories under the hashtags tootfic and smallstories if that interests you?

@highfellow thanks for this, I'll check them out. I'm still not managing to get a lot done online outside of work :( I do sometimes think about the adventurebot I was writing here but am so mentally tired every evening that nothing comes out :(

@ralpharama that's a pity. I have been struggling to do any creative stuff for most of the year but I think I am getting somewhere again now.

@highfellow hmm, Fairphone 2 is almost the same spec as my current Z5 Compact :( actually worse in some areas! And camera is poor, which is a problem... I need something a bit more future-proof I think, otherwise it looks perfect.

@ralpharama bear in mind that the Fairphone 2 has a modular design, so some parts should be upgradeable in the future. They posted on their blog a while ago saying that a new camera module with better specs had been released.

@ralpharama to me, upgradeability of phones is a good idea from the point of view of the environment and also hackability, so I am thinking I might get one just to support that.

@ralpharama I have now bought a Fairphone 2, although not yet set it up with a SIM and mobile number. Mostly I am happy with it - I like that it is modular and repairable / upgradeable. Also finally having an Android 7 phone is good because of the better control over device permissions. My only criticism is that it is a bit clunkier than I am used to (though not really more than some other large format phones). Also the plastic they have used for the case feels a bit tacky somehow.

@highfellow nice! I'll keep an eye on them. just slightly higher spec and I'd be in!

@ralpharama I guess it depends what you are thinking of doing with it. I don't tend to use very processor intensive apps, so I think it should last me a while. Also, if it does start to run slowly in a few years then hopefully I can upgrade the main board (although I am not sure whether that is something that is possible).

@highfellow it's just underpowered compared to what I have now! my only current problem is battery (not replaceable easily) is fading. Camera is also an issue, currently mine is massively better than the fair phone one :(

@ralpharama the fairphone battery life is pretty good - 2 or 3 days from informal testing. The Fairphone 1 I've had since 2014 had good battery life to start with too, although it is now down to about a day.

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