's cookie consent is hilarious. Check out the buttons for yes/no on this. I can't for the life of me work out which means on and which off!

Morning. Culture time. This 2,000 year-old shoe shows us that there's nothing really new under the sun, especially when it comes to fashion!

Dramamine! I found this packet of distinctly 1970s-looking anti travel-sickness pills. Apparently they have a recreational use, "abusing Dramamine is sometimes referred to as Dramatizing or "going a dime a dozen", a reference to the amount of Dramamine tablets generally necessary for a trip."
Check out the Erowid horror stories: erowid.org/experiences/subs/ex 'Like No Known Suffering', 'Agony, Pure Agony', 'Frightened and Confused', and my favourite, 'Experience the Catheter'.
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In the spring the Finnish sea ice starts to melt and the shy cider fish surface to bask in the weak sunlight after their winter hibernation.

Searching for some English-Finnish groups on Facebook and came across this group, created ten years ago. Poor Joseph is still waiting for his rave crew.


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