@highfellow it's just underpowered compared to what I have now! my only current problem is battery (not replaceable easily) is fading. Camera is also an issue, currently mine is massively better than the fair phone one :(

@highfellow nice! I'll keep an eye on them. just slightly higher spec and I'd be in!

@highfellow hmm, Fairphone 2 is almost the same spec as my current Z5 Compact :( actually worse in some areas! And camera is poor, which is a problem... I need something a bit more future-proof I think, otherwise it looks perfect.

@highfellow thanks for this, I'll check them out. I'm still not managing to get a lot done online outside of work :( I do sometimes think about the adventurebot I was writing here but am so mentally tired every evening that nothing comes out :(

@highfellow Howdy! Flying by again. Looking at getting a new phone, you advocated some ethical phone, didn't you? Got any details? :) I need something compact yet more powerful than my current Sony Z5 Compact... Hope you're good!

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Okay. You know what? I'm instituting a new thing. You can participate if you want to but there's no shame if you don't.

I'm gonna call it #BeMyNeighborWeek in honor of the 50th anniversary of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". (I'm four months late, shh.)

Until 12:01 AM on June 24, I'm going to try to be like Mr. Rogers. No sick burns, no scoring points, no annoyed brush-offs. I will do my best to be patient and kind and understanding.

You can be my neighbor if you'd like.

's cookie consent is hilarious. Check out the buttons for yes/no on this. I can't for the life of me work out which means on and which off!

Morning. Culture time. This 2,000 year-old shoe shows us that there's nothing really new under the sun, especially when it comes to fashion!

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Morning everyone. Sun is shining here in and from my 'office' (the kitchen) I can see a guy on a crane spray-painting a huge mural on the building opposite the apartment. Seems to be a schoolkid carrying a bag? Anyway, it's jolly.

@stlv @highfellow yup. I was confused by the use of 'pin', I didn't realise that would make the next thing I clicked open in a new column!

@highfellow I just unpinned two columns and am now left with a single narrow one! How do you add columns back?! :)

@highfellow hey, I removed the tag on FB, thanks for mentioning me but I remove all FB tags now when I see them - there are people on FB I don't want to see things I'm associated with. It's one of the reasons I've left FB to be honest. Nothing personal :)

I walked around the embassy and ambassadorial area of Helsinki today. Endlessly fascinating array of buildings in different styles. The USA complex is ugly and sprawling, high fences, cameras every few yards, NO PHOTOGRAPHY! signs everywhere, guards watching me - they are ready for a siege. The Belgian ambassador's front door was ajar.

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