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hi bot friends! had a wicked bad queue backlog. i think it's cleared up now, and i'm making some changes to hopefully keep it from happening again

@muffinista hello! I'm writing an 'adventure bot' @adventurebot and I have a question you might be able to help with: toots I send from @adventurebot that mention users (like me on don't show up for perhaps a few hours in my notifications here. I wondered if this is normal? I'm told cross-instance toots generally show up right away? Thanks!

Can anyone tell me how often toots from other instances are checked? Is this done by this instance going through a list of other instances and checking each one in turn? If so, how often does this happen? And is this the same on all instances? I'm seeing a BIG gap (hours) between toots made from and them showing up here!

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“If we had UBI, everyone would just smoke pot and play video games all day”, sounds a lot like, “Without religious morality, everyone would murder and rape each other”. Maybe you depend on the threat of punishment, but there are plenty of us who don’t.

Dev question. If I send a toot via the API and mention a user, then the toot appears and it links to the user okay (so is correct) but the user never gets notified and it doesn't appear in their notification stream. What do I need to do to alert the user (who follows my bot) that I tooted them?

is there a forum somewhere to discuss using the API, etc?

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So Google Chat was also Google Talk which is now Hangouts (originally Google+ only), but now retargeted for "enterprise" use while Allo (& Duo) are for personal use but now "on pause" for developing a new Google Chat, which is RCS (but not versioning) but also known as Google Jibe which is basically SMS 3.0, & is in Android Messages (but not the old AOSP based Messages, which was discontinued, but a new one), which is the SMS client… which might be Google Chat?

@highfellow I reckon I could install .net core, doesn't look too hard. Then use a DB-less db library to store all the data for each player... Would that work for you? OR I could write an android app with Mono, I have written Android apps with mono so that's do-able, but is that easier to run on your instance?

Anyone know what the deal with is? Seems to have been down a while :(

I made a bot. It's like making life. Kind of. It simply replies to mentions (eventually) with the name of a room you might find yourself in, if you used your imagination. It's not big and it's certainly not clever. LIFE. I MADE LIFE. Sigh. Now to make it actually do something useful... @adventurebot

@highfellow I see there's a bunch of C# .NET API libraries too. Looks pretty straight-forward. I wonder what I could write though? A bot would be easy I think...

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Why on earth are anarchist/progessive/leftist [insert whatever] websites using mailchimp/optinmonster/google analytics, fonts, apis [insert relevant evilness]? Even worse; Using Facebook, with a nice "like/follow us on facebook"?

We walk quietly across the small island, I pause for a moment and peer into the slightly murky water. 'Careful, there may be choilokkis.' laughs one of the staff. I wonder what that is? I see movement, then a huge choilokki leaps out of the water on a single muscular leg, its long thrashing tail smashes into the royal child and it drags her towards it. People are screaming, more choilokkis have jumped out of the water on the other side of the island.

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