@hcs Yeah, but somebody could have made a copy of a tweet, too, and just post it somewhere. In some sence publication is irreversible by nature...

@PunkScience In a decentralized network it is significantly harder to collect data on millions of people than from a single server, I think. But your critical thinking is certainly much appreaciated.

@rareloveboy For even more privacy there are distributed networks like Twister...

@rareloveboy i forgot Diaspora in my list. But maybe there are more compatible pieces of server software by now... (more or less compatible...) GNUsocial is another one...

@PunkScience You could run your own Mastodon/friendica/redmatrix instance. So YOU would host your data while staying connected to the whole network (fediverse). Btw, I can't follow you for some reason. Your awesome name punk science would be enough reason for me to do so.

@afterthehyphen@scholar.social I don't think any friendship should "naturaly end" or be extinguished. The problem seems to be the wrong use of the word "friend" in Facebook. Enemies or people who you just don't like being around or try to manipulate and subdue you, you want to avoid of course. Those people might have power over you enough such that you are too scared to send them the message that they have been "unfriended". So you have to continue to listen to their "propaganda"...

@tcit I think, Zuck is always secretly laughing at people because nobody reads the terms of service and he can just tell them there are unicorns in it because it isn't legally binding what he says in an interview.

@eloisa I get the problem but this still sounds mainly good for you. Have you considered using a second account under a pseudonym?

@Utzer Also nicht wer mit wem wann kommuniziert? Das kann ich mir fast nicht vorstellen.

@Utzer Löst Signal das Metadatenproblem irgendwie? Bei xmpp sind es zu mindest kleine Server und Pseudonyme statt Telefonnummern.

@heluecht Hab auch überlegt.Ist die Nummer 1 open-source Alternative zu WhatsApp auf alternativeto.net . Hab es aber schon 2 mal wieder deinstalliert, weil es mir irgendwie suspekt war. Ich weiß nicht mehr genau warum. Vielleicht weil die Leute davon jetzt mit WhatsApp zusammenarbeiten.. Oder wir nehmen einfach gleich XMPP als nachhaltige Lösung.Wenn ein paar Entwickler wieder Arbeit reinstecken, können die verschiedenen clients auch optisch locker mit WhatsApp und co. konkurrieren.

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