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Any theories as to why Mastodon is more successful than pump.io?

@rauschma Are you familiar with the reasoning in this post? hackernoon.com/mastodon-is-dea

Despite the title, the post is also about Mastodon's strengths, especially in comparison with similar applications.

@rauschma one wants to become a better Twitter, got a cute logo; the other is "Social server with an ActivityStreams API"

@assaf Which one do you prefer then? Can you elaborate on your points?

@rauschma Social networks are made of people. No people, no network (see app.net RIP).

So Mastodon gets that, and trying to get the people in.

pump.io — if you read their website — is just an API, and there’s not a lot of worldwide demand for API, I don't see people gathering around that.

@rauschma then there's the "does this place even want me"?

pump.io site signals zero empathy: “a stream server” is absolutely not “most of what people really want from a social network.”

Mastodon has a cute logo and silly naming, some interesting moderating tools, and the site I'm on has clear anti-harassment policy,

It says "friendly, fun, and safe".

@rauschma but I wouldn't say either one is "successful".

What you're seeing right now is a lot of tire kickers. It will take a while before it gains self-sustaining momentum.

@rauschma it's all about that mastodon art everywhere