@Arno500 I’m praising the web as a device-independent app platform, mentioning the devices I happen to be using.

TWITTER: “use first name last name if you can — it looks professional”
MASTODON: “Hi I’m fluffy at homosexual dot party”

To me, Mastodon proves how well the web works as an app platform: it’s fun to use on Mac, iPad, iPhone.

@lifewinning Main obstacle from my point of view is Twitter’s popularity. Apart from that, I’m using Mastodon almost exactly like Twitter.

OK, so replies *are* hidden from followers. Same rules as on Twitter?

1. If you start a toot (any toot, not just replies?) with an @-mention, only people who follow you and the mentioned account can see the toot.

2. Removing the @-mention, moving it to the end or prefixing it with a dot shows the toot to everybody.

I really enjoyed this blog post about how the best OOP and FP solutions to the expression problem are really the same approach: oleksandrmanzyuk.wordpress.com

Unfamiliar with the expression problem? That's okay, the author explains it very clearly. No background necessary!

If there were more than one way of favoriting a toot, one could already do simple polls in Mastodon.

.@felixsanz W.r.t. backing up one’s Mastodon data: In the preferences, you can already export some of your data (but not your toots). I’d expect that there is more to come.

Also: it should be relatively easy to implement a tool that automatically syncs/backups one’s data; it’s just an Atom feed, after all.

Hey admins of smaller servers, i have to tell you something!
In the first days of social.tchncs.de i explored some gnusocial and mastodon servers for interesting and active users and followed them from here. So the these where about 20people from random but maybe 8 different instances and about 100 from boosts. Everything else happened by itself. I stopped with this weeks before the twitter update and never needed a bot. My server knows 601 servers atm and my federated timeline is hyperactive.

macOS shell tip: if you drop a folder on a tab of Terminal.app, it cds to that folder.

@gargron Banküberweisung auch denkbar für regelmäßige Spenden?

It looks like Mastodon will work out: lots of new users, still working well for me.

@Ranunculus ;-)
If Mastodon continues to evolve at the speed it currently does, I’ll soon write a similar tweet (or rather, series of tweets).

Twitter features I miss:
– Polls
– Quoting tweets (=embedding them via their URLs)
– Shared accounts (a “business” account is operated/shared by multiple user accounts)
– Scheduling tweets

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