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PSA animated gifs cause issues for some folks, please use static images for avatars and put gifs under a CW

From the PR person's email: "Knowing it'd be their biggest hurdle, the company has already transformed voice personalization using AI and speech synthesis — so now your virtual doppelganger not only sounds like you, but it can also sing like you, but better… and in Chinese."

Hi all, I put together a short list of articles and tips for Mastodon newbies. Trying to make it easier for folks to get started here; hope it helps! github.com/nolanlawson/resourc

Okay, the Mastodon mobile web app is actually amazing. And it allows me to use multiple instances just by clicking 'add to homescreen' on each site! I'll still keep Tusky around, but for now this may become my preferred method of Maston'ning (🤔) on mobile.

The entire VC, tech, and MBA world goes apeshit over the hypothetical decentralisation that the blockchain might offer. Meanwhile Mastodon is built using plain old Ruby on Rails, and a truckload of HTTP.

Feature idea for search results: If two accounts have the same local name, highlight the one with the most recent toot in its timeline.

I am not sure if I understand why people complain about "someone can use my name on this other instance" when... it's the same way email is handled. >_>

Is there a way to look up the admin(s) of a Mastodon server?

@milan OK, ich verrate es nicht weiter! Notiz => mache ich. Guter Plan bzgl. aufschreiben, wie Spenden verwendet werden.

@milan Lässt sich wahrscheinlich durch einen Hinweis im Verwendungszweck bei der Banküberweisung lösen.

@milan Gerne! Ist evtl. etwas kompliziert gedacht von meiner Seite, aber ich würde gerne das Geld so spenden, dass klar ist, dass es für das von Euch gehostete Mastodon gedacht ist. Um dieses Projekt maximal zu unterstützen. Ihr bekommt das Geld, aber Ihr wisst, dass es ein Interesse an Mastodon gibt. Klingt das sinnvoll?

@milan That’s not a problem. I just would like to specifically donate to mastodon.tchncs.de (if that makes sense…). Some people also promise to pass on money to Mastodon once they receive more than a certain amount of money, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

@milan Is there a way to specifically support the Mastodon work you are doing? (I want to do everything I can to make sure it survives.)

@nolan Intriguing. Was never on my radar. I’m same everywhere. I only self-sensor w.r.t. negativity/complaining. And I try to be reasonably interesting (to not overdo personal tweets and self-promotion).

Mastodon tip: if you have the same local name on multiple servers, put the display names of secondary accounts in parentheses.

I have the facts to back it up


Look for yourself. Trust me, there's no "big networks" in hiding besides Freenode. And that's 80k users. Mastodon has about 130k as of this writing.