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@nolan @hayden Just as a gentle warning, if a direct post goes to a postActiv or GNU social node, it will be visible to everyone on that node.  We do not have a concept of notice scopes (yet.)   I'm working on adding this to postActiv, but until it does, worth keeping in mind.

Will saying "toot" eventually come to sound normal, like iPad, or forever induce juvenile chuckles, like squirting to a Zune?

Mastodon tip: if you’re also on Twitter, register with the Twitter/Mastodon bridge. mastodon-bridge.herokuapp.com

mastodon is twitter if twitter was just people talking about installing their own twitter instance

Best practice for publishing one’s Mastodon ID? I was about to tweet my Mastodon HTTPS URL, but then realized that that’s a bit like publishing one’s email address without anti-bot obfuscation.

I worked for a company in the past―a distributed company. We had a policy that all developers should be able to recreate their development environment within an hour of putting a bullet through their current one. Good policy. Kept everything distributed, and lightweight :)

Let's try again, this time with feeling:

I may need an emergency commission made for me from today until Monday mid-day (CEST), I need it by 14.00 the latest.

It is banners and header for my Twitch channel.

My already commissioned artist has run in to some trouble, and may refund

My budget is $200.

If you are an artist and have time to help me within this timeframe, please send me a link to your previous work so I have a few to look at tomorrow.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #twitch

Welcome to 🎺.☕️ @macgregor @cfnelson !!!

I found writing an #introduction quite helpful for meeting new people. I got a bunch of follows, and started pulling the thread from there.

@nolan's guide was also great to get started: toot.cafe/@nolan/13056

Have fun tootin'!

Another good thing for Masto newbies to know: you should introduce yourself with the #introduction tag. Great way for people to find you and reach out to say hello!

@deadsuperhero Another feature that I want is allowing instance owners to easily publish a list of instances are blocked/silenced/sandboxed/etc.

That way instance owners could easily publish transparency reports containing this list.

@maiyannah @sim @sonya hmm yeah considering the influx of small mastodon instances, some of which are doing instance blocks, it's probably better to keep a list of known instances that block your instance and flag any posts that originates from that list with a "one way only" icon or something

been thinking about why i'm personally irked with the blocks, and realized that a large part is due to accidentally spending time and effort crafting a reply then finding out that the other person can't see my stuff anyway

I made a thing! Franz (meetfranz.com/) plugin for mastodon.social and toot.cafe. 🎺☕️Hope this helps someone, somewhere who is using Franz and wants to have a Mastodon tab!



OK y'all! tooter.today is live and ready to help your friends find places to toot from! It provides scored instances in an easy-to-use fashion for new users and helps onboard them to tinier instances. Please help me load-test it by boosting it across the fediverse! :)

Next to come is a nice home page with explanations of the fediverse!

Source and hopeful-roadmap available: github.com/wayspurrchen/tooter


You know instance admins can read your direct messages in the fediverse? Twitter and Facebook also can - and sometimes do - read your private messages, and they have infrastructure to comply with law enforcement requests. I'd love to see some end-to-end encryption built into Mastodon clients.

This morning I am luxuriating in the character limit.

It's like moving to a nice spacious townhouse after years of living in a shoebox apartment.

for any pals learning another language (like French for example) duolingo is good but there's another free app called memrise that's also good!

I have a hard time writing “toots”. Still calling them “posts” for now.

@rauschma you can paste any post's URL into the search on your instance to force-fetch that status to be able to interact with it

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