Sometimes I intentionally click on ads of youtubers videos. So they get money.

Ain't I the sweetest?

So tired right now. I played sims all night yesterday and only went to bed at 3 a.m.

Woke up at 7 a.m.

I'm ded

Nothing better than a good coffee in the morning! And i combine it with chocolate milk!

i'm in school and they also do nailstyling here.

I know because all the blond gals with fake nails and too much make up are here.

facebook is congratulating me because I have posted 287 weeks in a row.

you better throw me a damn party Mark

nothing more perfect than a good coffee in the morning.

right guys?

Spring is doing the weirdest things in Belgium this year. Two weeks ago we had more than 20 degrees and now they predict snow. What the?!

good morning world 🐖 why is the weekend already over? 😴

When it is too hot to put a sweater on, but too cold to not wear one. 😫

I mean for artists who want to do art full-time, some marketing/social media tips can be useful in my opinion

I wonder if there would be any artists intrested in how to put yourself in the market. To learn some marketing tricks.

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