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When and why did we stop to fill empty space on maps with some decorative drawing of animals or random creatures?

Someow I have the feeling, that term rewriting should have been a topic in school math very early.

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Oh hell, could people *please* stop providing installers asking you to wget some arbitrary script off the web and pipe it into a root shell? There seem very few ideas worse than this. 😐

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*DNS server goes down* "It's dead, Jim" "Who's Jim?"

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In the holy name of Cthulhu, stop doing video tutorials!

They are useless, do not allow you to go in depth on a subject, and, unless your production values are top notch (read professional sound and image crew) will probably be horrible and a pain to watch.

If you care about a technical subject, please take the time to *write* about it and publish it on the Internet.

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A Venn diagram for blockchain applications in science and healthcare

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I'm kind of liking inserting an empty git commit at the beginning of a long-ish branch, that just has a commit message explaining the purpose of that branch.

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Cory Doctorow: "Google verdient Geld indem es dich ausspäht, Apple indem es dich einsperrt, Facebook indem es dich ausspäht und einsperrt."

Schön zusammengefasst!

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Man hat ja manchmal den Eindruck, die Wirtschaft soll immer alles ganz krass ~disrupten~ duerfen, vor allem auf Kosten der Allmende. Aber wehe, eine oeffentliche Hand ~disrupted~ mal das Treiben der Wirtschaft, um die Allmende zu sichern 🧐🤔😬

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RT @grauhut: Techniker: "Dieser Deploymentjob ist wie der Sozialismus. Läuft er einmal, hält ihn nichts mehr auf."
"Und er belegt dabei alle Ressourcen?"
Kollegin: "Und benutzt sie maximal ineffizient?"
"Und bleibt dann stehen, weil sie ihm ausgehen?"

Techniker: "Ich hasse euch..."

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Times #Discord has tried to track me in the past day: 500+

Times #Reddit has tried to track me in the past day: 1000+

Times #Google has tried to track me in the past day: 2000+

Times #Mastodon has tried to track me in the past day: 0

Times #Funkwhale has tried to track me in the past day: 0

Times #Matrix has tried to track me in the past day: 0

This is why we need to leave proprietary network services. They will *always* track you. #privacy #selfhosted

Gibt es einen Schutzheiligen für Hacker|Gehackte?

"aptitude purge empathy" somehow reminded me of something

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#Wasfehlt: EINE Mediathek + App mit allen öffentlich-rechtlichen Dokus (Statt über ARD, WDR, etc. verstreut). Das hätte das Potential, populärer als Netflix zu werden.

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