@rommudoh heh, another unknown CMS to me :D What will you use as IndieAuth or Webmention provider?

Let me know if you need help on this topic :)

@bekopharm thanks!

There are plugins for IndieAuth and Webmentions, but I'm still at the beginning on learning how everything works.

The IndieAuth plugin adds an authorization and token endpoint for IndieAuth.com - as far as I can tell it works.

I didn't try out Webmentions, yet. The plugin is in beta state. Do you have ideas on how I can test it without annoying other people by spamming mentions at them?

@rommudoh You have to expose both endpoints so one can interact with it.

IndieAuth is what many people use. It's a 3rd party service but since you get to define the endpoint yourself you can switch it any second. That's nifty.

Here are some resources that help me a lot:

Feel free to send to mine for testing. It should even feature delete. I'll add requests to a permissive list so they don't get queued for moderation.

@bekopharm thanks for the resources.

I had a closer look at the webmention plugin for Grav. It seems to be outdated and doesn't work with the newest version. So I'd have to either fix it, write my own, or use an external tool or service.

Since there are a few things that bother me with Grav, I might even end up switching to something else or write my own. But it was a good first glimpse at what the IndieWeb is about.

I'll post about it when there's something new.

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