Done for today ✌️ upgraded Network, Server and Internet Uplink without issues. More on it later 😄

Quick heads-up. We finished the networking setup and hooked up the first parts; all services we deploy for management and UX are running on in (more on that later); wrapping up and tomorrow. Next week, this will power 10+ WIFI Access Points and 20+ Cameras. The server comes with 64GB RAM, 16 Cores (Amd Ryzen Threadripper), 2 512GB Cache Drives and 8TB net storage. Will see if it prevails!

On we go. The backbone is working already (CS:GO for "Benchmarking" 😅), tomorrow we will hook up the networking parts and deploy some more services

The networking parts arrived. This will replace 12HU of switches and routers and terminate fibre from the local ISP. Additionally the PoE switch will power campus-wide Access Points, Cameras and VoIP phones.

We're building a that will power one of our application Infrastructures with we're live on Twitch during the whole process ✌️

Just found a server in one of our client's offices. And people are wondering why stuff stops working. 🤥

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