Staying neutral on important issues doesn't make you inclusive, it makes you complicit.

If you give oppressors a platform, then guess what, marginalized people will leave your platform and you'll soon have a platform of dicks!

As a trans woman I no longer feel safe on the #FDroid forum, which is why I've asked for my moderator account to be removed.

I hope the few good people who are left will be stronger than me and one day prevail.

"#FreeSpeech" #FreeSoftware #Spinster #TERFs #WhyILeft


It's a long story.
In short: F-Droid hosts a lot of apps that are an affront to humanity and within the F-Droid community there is no majority to remove these apps.
In internal discussions people are defending the indefensible.

A little background can be found in this discussion:

As in many discussions @brainblasted 's take is especially worth reading.


@paulakreuzer @brainblasted
Thanks for clarifying. Seems that's really an important issue. I would say this will be the most frequent and most important question while the fediverse goes mainstream. If the answer is "we're failing at hate speech" the network will stay niche.

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