Beyond evil: This month Facebook started to scrape sites that use 'pixel' for all kinds of information. Including personal information about the visitors. People could be identified even without cookies by name or email. This affects also non FB Users.


Seems to be currently live on and Here personal information like name, email and phone number is sent to facebook during registration at airbnb.

@rufposten they keep getting worse and worse 😡

i assume firefox's enhanced tracking protection set to block all third party content and the privacy.firstparty.isolate set to true helps stop this?

@markosaric Yes. But can and probably will still send your personal email to facebook by customer list upload. I filed a complaint 1,5 years ago, but nothing happened.

@rufposten This is actually really bad. And also illegal in terms of GDPR I guess?

@phel Definitely yes. But not because of the evil scraping: You give your consent for that during registration (although transparency may still be insufficient ).
But because Facebook can't fulfill GDPR duties on this data (Art. 15/16). See the statement of Facebook in Emails to Paul-Oliver Dehaye presented to the British parliament.

Correction: Consent is not valid because the opt in is not given concretely on the facebook transfer. See CJE Planet49

@rufposten sad that people like me who don't have any direct contact with such companies needs to practice digital self-defense to get not tracked by them. These practices are criminal, unethical and evil. And no one of our politicians are really interested in. They would loose all the votes if they take FB etc. from the people.

I can't even understand for what we have GDPR etc. ... They do whatever they want.

@Danijel @rufposten my workaround since some years: search on , and the like and then directly contact the accomodation. OK, this works not with ... Thanks to @rufposten Great work.

@Danijel @rufposten There's an alternative site claiming to be the alternative to .
Guess what method they offer for login:


I have seen this over and over that these "fair", "sustainable" companies focus only on the moral from the outset but do not respect privacy of clients & users.

See for instance:

@Danijel People have to file more complaints. It may take a year, but the effect will be huge. The DPAs are very interested, but under heavy overload. So they don't do own investigations. A complaint MUST be handled.

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