@rufposten Well I don't really see how this is in favor of "privacy". It's still surveillance, the only difference is that then they would control all the data, which means a better position for them to keep selling our attention. Also, I wouldn't be suprised that it would make the work of AdBlockers more difficult. It's just a trick, behind the curtain they'll keep selling to the same third parties because.. money.

@imacrea The main difference is that without the ad tech networks it's at least possible to fulfill GDPR rights and possible to make legal behavioral advertising. In EU this has to be combined with a paying alternative costing not more than the ads bring in (usually around 5€/month). So people who don't want to be tracked have a fair choice. So tracking is still tracking, but in this way it's legal, controllable (=deletable!) and fair. It's not a perfect world, but I'm ok with that.

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