Just live: A GDPR conference using Facebook trackers, without consent and missing declaration of those trackers. Oh my! 🙄

Cool, they just mentioned it in the stream and promised to look into it 👍

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Update: They informed the whole audience in the stream, apologized (they had trackers blocked on their computers and didn't realize) and it looks like they removed the tracker from the setup during the running conference, which is quite amazing.

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Was für ein Tool ist denn das, mit dem Du das sichtbar machst, was auf Deinem Screenshot unten zu sehen ist?

@Lars_Roskoden Das ist die Developer Konsole (hier das Tab "Netzwerk"), die gibts bei den meisten Browsern mitgeliefert.
Chrome und Firefox: Strg-Shift-E.

Danke. Hätte ja nicht gedacht, daß das so einfach ist 😊

@rufposten That either means you must definitely attend - or not.

@rufposten There's a pretty refreshing contrast between "we have detected that you block things" sites and a "oops, we run blockers all the time so we didn't notice we had trackers" site. 😁

@rufposten uBlock Origin still blocks complete domains and, and some content from… 🙄

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